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Thursday, February 28, 2008
While, I am not as extreme as the creators of many of the videos and writers of articles in my veiw point and idealogical distinction, I appreciate free speech. It comes with the good and the bad. I particularly appreciate the fact that politician are able to speak freely.

This charge that Mrs. Clinton should be jailed is not one that I support, because I do not know all the facts. This video is posted more to show how Ron Paul and Mike Gravel are the only the real Maverick's in the race. McCain looks more Crony-ish by the day, Huckabee seems to be in support of acts that seem quite un-christian for the sake of his party affiliation (but he does seem like a real nice guy - very affable - way better than McCain), and Obama is essentially Clinton 2.0.

posted by Domesticated Dog @ 2:20 PM  
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